meinhardt clan...

June 08, 2008

i have the best family. i love my family.

i just got back from a weekend of family fun. every two years my mom's family gets together for a little vacation at the fabulous lake of the ozarks. we spend a few days eating, listening to the stories of the elder members (also known as the 'super delegates' during the family meeting) and then we eat some more. i made a few fun treats to suprise everyone with when they arrived, including these cool water bottles...are you impressed?

we have these old family movies we watch when we're together and some of the footage is of the six elder cousins bowling in grandpa's basement. so thanks to my cousins monte and heather, we set up a virtual bowling alley and introduced the old folks to the wonderful world of wii. i fear the still shots don't quite do the night justice, but we did manage to score some quality video of them!

and here's the whole, lovely family!

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