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October 23, 2008

when i'm catching up with friends i haven't talked to in awhile one of the questions i am most often asked is "do you have any trips planned?" so in an effort to keep everyone informed, here's a little preview...
a couple days after christmas i will be heading south to help with construction of an orphanage in guadalupe, mexico. it's a random group of some sbu friends and some people i've never met before. we'll be working with tapestries of life ministries on what will be the largest orphanage in mexico when completed. for this trip i'm looking forward to getting back to my habitat roots and getting my hands dirty, as well as some quality time with old friends.

then next summer my mom and i will be joining a group from calvary, my home church, to go to malawi, africa. that's!! i've always wanted to take a mission trip to africa so when my mom saw the announcement in the bulletin, she just signed us up. we'll be working with some missionaries through the african bible college in malawi. i haven't been to any team meetings yet (seeing as how they are held in st. louis) so i don't have a whole lot of details yet, but i do know we'll be doing a vbs for children affected by hiv and aids. and something about a safari. i'm anxious to find out more about what exactly i'll get to do on this trip, but i'm of course looking forward to a trip with my mom. and since we are tentatively scheduled to arrive back in the states on july 14, just in time for my birthday, i can officially say i've been to africa before i turn the big 3-0.

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