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twenty five things you always wanted to know...

1 i have a unique cupcake eating regimen…i break off the bottom half of the cake and put it on top, like an icing sandwich. try it. you’ll like it

2 i sent an audition tape to the amazing race with my friend jason

3 my dad was in a nursing home for awhile before he passed away, which is part of the reason i work at one now

4 i am the very proud owner of a baby grand piano…which currently lives in st. louis with my mom

5 $2 is my upper price limit for a box of cereal…and i take that very seriously

6 ozzie smith is, and will always be, my favorite baseball player. my childhood goal was to be a shortstop for the stl cardinals so we could be teammates

7 i never, ever get tired of watching friends re-runs

8 i have seen the movie back to the beach more times than i could ever count…and every time i watch it i crave a peanut butter sandwich

9 i was on homecoming court in high school and college

10 i have a hole in my left shin where i was kicked by a horse while on a trail ride two days before starti…

i just love birthdays...

laugh if you'd like, but happy half birthday to me! that's right, today i turned 29 1/2. normally there is not a whole lot of fanfare surrounding my half birthday, aside from me announcing it to whoever i happen to come in contact with that day (and my wonderful mom sending me a card), but today was a different story. (it is, after all, a pretty important half) i was working at john knox and when i came back into the office from serving lunch i was showered with confetti and streamers as amber yelled "happy half birthday!" it was a delightful surprise, complete with balloons and a bag of popcorn. the residents i work with are great (and often amusing), but my co-workers entertain my crazy ideas and are equally fun!

and just because i like to show off my friends, here's a picture from last fall when we celebrated the 80th birthday of our faithful and fabulous volunteer carol.

shelly . amber . carol . dia

happy first birthday kester...

i was the lucky girl who was picked to be the official photographer of kester turning one. we had quite a fun photo shoot last are a few of my favs.

my mexican adventure...

the first thing i learned in mexico is that the desert in the winter is COLD! i wore two pairs of pants and four shirts every day...which may have been a bit obsessive, but i was just trying to stay warm.
we worked with a ministry called tapestries of life that i am really impressed with. the work they do is very well planned and organized and they seem to be very good stewards of the things they have been given.
four of the days were spent working on the orphanage, which is called the casa de las gemas or the house of gems. everything they do and use to build this home for the children is quality. steve (the founder) has a thousand and one stories about how supplies, funding and volunteers have come together at the right time. the construction days were a lot like my days at habitat...we all divided up to work on a bunch of different projects. some guys put the ceiling up in the big atrium area in the middle of the building, there was a tile crew and some others did some drywall muddi…