actions speak louder...

November 09, 2010

recently i watched a couple documentaries about the lost boys of sudan. i have learned a lot about what has happened in the country of sudan and to its people in the past twenty five years. i've also watched the journey unfold for a few of the boys and seen the experience through their eyes.

i have to admit...while i am affected by their stories, i feel powerless to help. i'm so far away...what can i really do? it was interesting to see that many of the boys who were relocated to the united states felt the same way at times. they longed to help the family they left behind in africa, but were unsure how to do that in the midst of learning to survive and support themselves in a new and very different culture and place.

a few years ago some friends of mine started an organization called his voice for sudan to partner with and support a local sudanese church and their desire to care for orphans. there are currently three orphanages providing homes for children and jobs for the indigenous staff and plans are in place for a fourth. my favorite thing about his voice is that along with raising the funds for the actual building, they also raise enough to purchase a truck that will COMPLETELY SUSTAIN the orphanage financially. it's genius. there's a song coming out on itunes next week and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the cost of the next orphanage. so if you like music and you'd like to help build an orphanage...this song is for you!

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