the trolley run...

April 22, 2011

for the vast majority of my life i have maintained a strict anti-running policy. i have never taken pleasure in the type of exercise that leaves me gasping for breath, grabbing my side and anticipating the explosion of my heart. i was always puzzled by the people who seemed to enjoy this sort of torture. i generally wrote off their insanity by explaining to myself that some people are just more prone to athleticism than i am, and left it at that. but in the past few years i have noticed a strange phenomenon as fellow anti-runners began to change their tune. friends who had loathed running just as much as me started running on a regular basis and participating in 5k's. my curiosity got the best of me and i decided to find out what all the fuss was about. i began pondering the possibility of participating in the four mile trolley run and when i saw the t-shirt design i was hooked. (it totally reminds me of the mystery machine) so i coerced some fellow teachers into joining me and off we went. seeing as how i had not trained for this race, my goal was simple...i wanted to survive. i also added a bonus goal of finishing in less than an hour. i am proud to say that i am, indeed, still alive and i crossed the finish line at 57:09. mission accomplished.

my official gear

before the race...back when they still wanted to be friends with me
kasie . kristin . margaret . shelly

my jubilant finish

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