the harvesters half party...

January 18, 2012

about a year ago i discovered something really fun...harvesters (our local food bank) hosts birthday parties! the idea is genius. you invite your friends, volunteer together for a couple hours and then head over to the party room for cake. all for free! and pretty much everyone knows i love free.

i was so excited to throw myself a bash but alas, they were all booked up for the month of july. luckily i'm pretty into celebrating my half birthday as well, so that's what we did.

to start off, we mixed in with a group from a local lions club and packed bags of food for the backsnack program. basically kids from low income families get a small bag of food to take home each weekend. kim actually has some students in her class that benefit from this program, which made it extra fun. a few of us worked on the assembly line filling the bags while the rest were in charge of keeping the table stocked and breaking down boxes.

once our work time was up we headed over to the party room to enjoy my delicious lemon half cake, compliments of missy.

the party people
sarah . joy . joshua . shelly . missy . kim

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