a honeymoon sleepover...

February 20, 2013

most newlyweds probably don’t plan to have a friends and family slumber party on the first night of their honeymoon…but i guess that’s what we get for getting married in january!  we were scheduled to fly out of st. louis on sunday evening, but due to some winter weather in chicago, that didn’t go down.  so instead of leaving on a jet plane, we headed back home for a sleepover at mom’s house…just the five of us!  then we were back to the airport bright and early monday morning for a little more quality time before matt and tara headed home to cali.  i mean really…if we HAD to choose people to spend our honeymoon with, we’d probably pick them anyway.

the dyers and the ardens

when we finally did arrive in palm springs we did what any logical midwesterners would do…we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the nearest in-n-out.   then we set out to do some serious relaxing and general 'not planning a wedding' type activities.  we ate good food, went to a movie, hiked in joshua tree national park, sat in the hot tub, napped in a hammock, went dancing at a local senior hot spot and played a lot of monopoly deal (not to brag, but by the end of the week i was creaming the hubs with an overall match record of 4-0).

on our way into joshua tree national park

and one of my personal favorites...donald’s honeymoon lingerie

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