it was a very good year...

December 31, 2013

fair warning...this starts out kind of sappy.

donald had to work new years eve and as he was leaving this afternoon i found myself suddenly emotional as i realized that it would be the last time i saw him this year.  one of my favorite years.  the year we became husband and wife.

for me [and us] it's been a very, very good year.  around me i see a lot of people [family, friends & strangers] giving 2013 a kick in the rear as it heads out the door, and for some that is very fitting.  but for me, i'm kind of sad to see it go.  could i come up with some negatives from the past year?  sure, but are any of them really all that significant?  nope.  

i've done a bit less blogging this year, which is kind of a bummer because it's such a fun way to store memories.  the vast majority of the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the iphone that entered my life this year and a little app i like to call instagram.  so for the sake of reflection, and for catching up, here are some things that made 2013 so great:

we got married.  obviously top of the list.

i got to live with both kim & donald in the same calendar year

lots of friends have come to visit [and we're hoping for more!]

we've made lots of memories...with the two of us and with our awesome friends

i got a dog.

we celebrated six months of marriage with a half year honeymoon

i went to mexico with my mom [and a fun friend]

our house started becoming our home

we met some big financial goals...and had treats to celebrate!

we've enjoyed quality time with our real families and our church family

and we played more games of star trek catan and ticket to ride than can be counted

so long 2013...thanks for the memories.

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