January 31, 2008

happy birthday #2

one week ago today, a special girl was born. her name is tori michelle. what makes her so special you ask? well, aside from the general 'special-ness' of a new baby, she's named after a certain someone...me!!! yes, i know my name isn't actually michelle, but i was the inspiration. it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...it's not everyday you get a namesake!
matt and tara (aka mom and dad) have this tradition of finding out their baby's gender, but not deciding on a name until the poor child is just about out. (the same thing happened with big sister sophia) so i took to calling her #2.

i wanted #2 to have her own special gift, so i whipped out my sewing machine and created these little beauties.

are you impressed?

1 comment:

Adam, Connie, and Josiah said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you have a blog as well now. And, I love the bibs - you're so creative.

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