February 26, 2008

the daily checkmark...

the title of this post was a suggestion given to me when i was looking for a name for my blog...it made me laugh in a clever way, so i wanted to use it somehow :)

i've decided that in the interest of keeping my blog interesting, i don't want to go too long between posts. i have no insightful thoughts for the day and i've decided that in this event, i will pull three cards from our 'question box' (yes, i am referring to a literal box) and post my answers. kind of a get-to-know-you type thing. feel free to comment with your answers too.

* disclaimer - i often stress about having the exact, perfect answer to these types of things, but tonight, i'm just going with my first instinct *
  • if you could give all human beings one virtue which would you choose? compassion

  • what was your most memorable meal ever? my answer doesn't refer to a specific meal, but whenever i travel overseas the meal i dream about coming home to is hot chocolate chip cookies, a box of mac and cheese and a tall glass of skim milk

  • if money were no object what kind of party would you throw and where? week-long beach house bash with all my friends


Joy said...

thanks for the shout out, shell!

the broomes said...

hmmm...good questions, I too over analyze these sorts of things, but in the interest of time, (2 babies' nap times that is:)) I'll go with my first thoughts as well:
*memorable meal is a hard one, but I guess it would be my first date with Freddy--I don't remember what I ate (I think some kind of salad) but I remember a lot about the conversation that we shared over the food:)
*probably a tropical/ super-nice/ all-inclusive resort with Fred, the kids, the Prosser bunch, and whoever else wanted to come along:)

Joy said...

1. honesty.
2. i don't know.
3. a girls-only trip to kauai, where we'd stay at a house, go to a spa for massages one day, relax at the beach, and spend time exploring the beauty of the island.

Anonymous said...

ooh, shelly, loving the question thing.
1. integrity
2. The longer i sit here and think about this question, the more i think of meals which are memorable for negative reasons. One time I came home late for dinner...I was about 10 and there was a plate left out for me. As I started to eat, I noticed the fam all staring at me. Then I realized my meat was not a chicken breast but a big lump of blubber, my milk was dyed green, and there was something else sabotaged which i can't remember. I thought Marla instigated my enjoyment of pranking, but perhaps it was subconsciously instilled much earlier.
3. Some place sunny and beachy with fam and friends.

This is from Jackie, but I wasn't sure which identity to choose. :)

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