July 24, 2008

i'm still here...

i've been racking my brain for something interesting to write, but i guess i've been going through a bit of a dry spell. i did have a birthday last week and i turned the big 2-9. next year should be a blast. (i haven't yet decided if that statement should be sarcastic) i had lots of free "birthday club" food from various restaurants and kim took me to a water park. don't really have any birthday pictures, but here's one from the fourth of july.

also, i want to wish a fabulous little person a very happy half birthday. tori michelle is half a year old today! her big sister sophia got an "i love shelly" shirt for her half birthday, but since that is available for hand-me-down-ing i got a little creative for tori and made her a "T" pillow. happy half birthday my sweet friend!

this is sophia sporting her shirt when she was about a year old

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