August 14, 2008

miss vacation america...

my good friend from bible study just bestowed this title upon me today via e-mail. i like it a lot and have to admit that i kind of wanted to show it off. but i'll also use it as a segway into my fun of my photos from my recent trip to england was selected for an online guidebook! it's called schmap, and my photo is used to advertise the cherwell boathouse restaurant. the picture is below, and you can link to the website if you click here. i didn't get paid or anything, but it does make me feel a little famous.

on another note...I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! i don't even know how to explain how much i love it. i always start to think about how cool it would be to be an olympian and walk in the opening ceremony. then i research obscure sports and daydream about going. i mean really, how many people can there really be going out for the badminton team?


Joy said...

love the nickname. courtesy of beth? and you are famous!!

Jenn Beyer said...

you're just getting TOO famous for me! Don't forget the little people! :)

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