July 13, 2009

mr. & mrs. talton...

after a very quick turn around from africa, i was on my way to the beach in north carolina for a great friend's wedding. we had so much fun! this was my first 'destination' wedding and it did not disappoint. i got to hang with some really fun (and hilarious) people, lay on the beach, help with the wedding details and dance the night away! i would do it again in a heartbeat. here are some pictures of the fun...
beach day

shelly and jenn

jenn and tyler's first dance...they were groovin'

mimi and me

you can see more pictures of the weekend festivities here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking such awesome pics! I'm so glad you were able to come to the wedding...glad you had fun!
Jenn's Mom

neubiewaters said...

You know...this really isn't the place to do it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hopefully you see this before the day ends. I just couldn't put it up with the millions of other birthday wishes on facebook :)