March 24, 2014

stl day

ah spring. the time of year missouri can't decide if it should be sunny or snowing.

since donald had time off from school for spring break we decided to head out of town for a week of relaxation at casa de marilyn. usually when we make a trip to st. louis we end up spending the majority of our time making the rounds to see family and friends [which we love to do!], but this time we took a different approach. we wanted our week to be pretty low key and relaxed, so donald and i each picked just a few things we wanted to be sure to do. 

he picked:
  1. a stay at home day
  2. a play with mark day
  3. playing dominoes with my mom and edna
i picked:
  1. puzzles [or 'playing puzzle' as our friend claire says]
  2. skee ball date night
  3. st. louis day
it's no secret...i love st. louis. and i wanted to get out and enjoy it so we packed a bunch of classic tourist attractions into one day and headed out on the town. first up was malcom martin memorial park, where you can catch a really great view of the arch if you're willing to brave east st. louis.

from there we headed back across the river to the arch itself to watch the 'monument to the dream' documentary about the making of the arch and take a ride to the top. [where we randomly ran into a family from our church in kc...literally at the top of the arch]  then we walked over to monty's sandwiches for lunch and ate outside in the shadows of downtown. it was one of those lovely sunny spring days and it was oh-so-nice to sit outside. next up was a stop at the best zoo in the land, followed by the missouri history museum where we checked out the exhibit celebrating the 250th birthday of st. louis. as part of the celebration there are 250 four foot tall cakes installed at different landmarks all over the st. louis area, and i'd say we spotted at least twenty five of them on our tour through town.  

we topped off the night at the loop with dinner at the legendary blueberry hill and root beer floats from fitz's. and it was a good day.
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