April 28, 2011

the 30 after 30 list...

i love lists. i love to make them. i love to read them. i also like goals, though i don't take the time to come up with them very often. but when i saw my friend mimi's recent post i was inspired to create a list of my own. (though i may have copied a few entries) so here is a list, in no particular order, of some things i would like to do in the relatively near future...
  1. go camping

  2. participate in a 5k

  3. take a 'real' trip by myself

  4. buy at least one fresh fruit and vegetable every week

  5. write to my pretend grandma every month [check]

  6. take an all day (or longer) bike trip [august 2011]

  7. visit the creation museum [august 2011]

  8. make a secret surprise for my mom [may 2011]

  9. go to a mizzou football game in columbia [october 2011...sorta]

  10. write in my 'good things book' every month [check]

  11. send someone flowers [august 2011]

  12. have a birthday party at harvesters [january 2012]

  13. listen to music in the jazz district

  14. convince tara to come visit me [october 2011]

  15. make a 'glimpse of life' photo album [may 2011]

  16. learn how to enjoy every day

  17. take a road trip to niagara falls with my mom [august 2011]

  18. convert all our family movies to dvd

  19. read through the bible alphabetically [december 2012]

  20. go to the missouri state fair

  21. pick some grace spots

  22. visit the holocaust museum in st. louis

  23. paint all the closets at my mom's house [summer 2012]

  24. watch the bbc version of pride & prejudice with missy at the lake [june 2011]

  25. come out of retirement and return to my original role of counselor at kids camp [june 2011]

  26. take a trip with some fun friends (pullens, taltons & mims...i've got my eye on you)

  27. participate in the first 100 at chick-fil-a [november 2011]

  28. sled on art hill (stl) or at raintree lake (kc)

  29. have a dinner party

  30. rent a boat at james a. reed
i'd love some company...who's with me?!?

April 22, 2011

the trolley run...

for the vast majority of my life i have maintained a strict anti-running policy. i have never taken pleasure in the type of exercise that leaves me gasping for breath, grabbing my side and anticipating the explosion of my heart. i was always puzzled by the people who seemed to enjoy this sort of torture. i generally wrote off their insanity by explaining to myself that some people are just more prone to athleticism than i am, and left it at that. but in the past few years i have noticed a strange phenomenon as fellow anti-runners began to change their tune. friends who had loathed running just as much as me started running on a regular basis and participating in 5k's. my curiosity got the best of me and i decided to find out what all the fuss was about. i began pondering the possibility of participating in the four mile trolley run and when i saw the t-shirt design i was hooked. (it totally reminds me of the mystery machine) so i coerced some fellow teachers into joining me and off we went. seeing as how i had not trained for this race, my goal was simple...i wanted to survive. i also added a bonus goal of finishing in less than an hour. i am proud to say that i am, indeed, still alive and i crossed the finish line at 57:09. mission accomplished.

my official gear

before the race...back when they still wanted to be friends with me
kasie . kristin . margaret . shelly

my jubilant finish

April 13, 2011

two friends for the price of one...

i just got back from a long weekend in georgia with some of my favorite people. lindsey & fred have lived in macon for awhile and connie & adam moved there about eight months ago...so now i get a great two for one deal!

getting to see my friends and have time to hang out together is definitely the best part of trips like this. i love playing with their kids, i love opening one eye in the morning and seeing their cute little faces standing by my bed waiting for me to get up and i love staying up late and having good 'grown-up' conversation. the people were definitely the best part...but if i had to pick some other highlights i would have to mention that i also ate the most amazing caramel apples on the planet (seriously...there aren't words to describe their amazing-ness) and i took great joy in successfully conquering all thirty two levels of talking gina.

joshua . anna bell . miss shelly . caleb

fred . lindsey . shelly . connie . adam

April 7, 2011

a thought and a book recommendation...

there are many people in this world who could benefit from spending a little more time planning, organizing and generally being productive. then there are people like me, who could really stand to cut back a little on the planning, organizing and productivity.

there were a couple of days this week that i had hoped to get jobs, but didn't...which isn't a huge deal. i'll survive. what troubled me is that when i woke up to a new day, free of responsibilities, i didn't set out to just enjoy it. instead, i racked my brain for 'productive' things i could do. mind you, my to-do list is pretty short at the moment, so i wasn't really needing a day of productivity. i finally got myself out of the house to go for a walk one afternoon and was thinking about how i want to enjoy each day more, and not just look at a new day as an opportunity to be productive. then i came across this quote by my good friend tom as i was preparing for bible study...
[Jesus] wasn't always looking ahead anxiously, making the present moment count only because of what might come next. no: he seems to have had the skill of living totally in the present, giving attention totally to the present task, celebrating the goodness of God here and now. if that's not a recipe for happiness, i don't know what is.
that's what i'm looking for. the skill of living totally in the present. but i'm not always sure what that looks like. sometimes it comes so easily, i don't even realize it's happening. for example, when i spend this weekend in georgia with the broomes and the browns, i doubt i will have any trouble enjoying exactly where i am and who i'm with. but in other, everyday life situations, it's not so easy to enjoy what is right in front of you. i'd be glad to hear any thoughts/suggestions/advice on the subject!

now for the book recommendation.

this is the book. i think you should read it. i tried to write an explanation of the main points, but it sounded terrible and i don't think the author would have been pleased. so i'm just going to let you read it for yourself. while the topic obviously applies to everyone, (who doesn't have decisions to make) the focus is on my generation. and even more specifically, those of us who have a hard time making decisions. (ahem) so go ahead...read it.

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