March 16, 2015

eat like you mean it

our spring break adventure was a seven day caribbean cruise with my mom, donald and i. while the ports are great and all, i honestly have to say we were mostly there for the 24/7 food [and i was also in it for the sunshine, though not everyone shared that sentiment]. some friends of ours recently went on a 'love like you mean it' marriage cruise, so it obviously made sense for us to name our voyage the 'eat like you mean it' cruise.  our days at sea looked a little something like this:

  • wake up
  • eat breakfast
  • attend trivia activity
  • grab a snack
  • find a comfy chair/bed in the quiet zone and lay in the sun [one of us did not participate in this activity]
  • eat lunch
  • attend trivia activity
  • grab a snack
  • lay in the sun and take a dip in the adult only pool [see note above]
  • get ready for dinner
  • eat a three [or four or five] course dinner
  • go to a show or watch an outdoor movie
  • eat second dinner [always heavily revolving around nutella crepes]
  • play cards [specifically mastering the art of three handed canasta]
  • go to sleep
i’d like to say this list is exaggerated, but that would be lying. we did meander off the ship a bit when we were in port. donald stuck with me for an adventurous climb up dunn’s river falls in jamaica, and he also loving endured a day at the beach in grand cayman…i was in my happy place strolling the beach and floating in my tube, he and my mom were under an umbrella in their beach chairs. 

we spent an extra night in miami on our way back home and i managed to coerce my two compadres into accompanying me on one last outing. we requested our first ever uber, rode over to south beach, ate some delicious burgers from the shake shack and strolled to the beach for one last chance to get my feet in the water and sand between my toes.  [full disclosure: they later both admitted to enjoying the excursion]

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