August 27, 2008

mixin' it up in macon...

last weekend i headed to the south for some good 'ole family time with the broomes. i got to spend time with a wonderful friend and her cute kids (and fred). joshua and anna bell made me feel very loved.

we had an extra fun treat when connie, another sbu friend, drove down from south carolina with her mom and sweet little josiah to spend a day with us. it had been a long time since i'd seen her, so i really appreciated her making the drive!

connie . lindsey . shelly

aside from connie's visit, we spent the first 90% of our time together just lounging around, playing with the kids and eating home-made candy. (which is a fabulous way to spend some time) then on the last night we really kicked it into high gear and got the party started. we ate barbecue at sticky fingers, did some 'free' cvs shopping, and sipped pina colada slushies while watching re-runs of the office. i also got to throw in some dave ramsey advice, which made me so excited, this happened...

(as i'm sure you can imagine, fred could hardly contain his excitement when i suggested this)

thank you broome family for a wonderful visit!!

August 14, 2008

miss vacation america...

my good friend from bible study just bestowed this title upon me today via e-mail. i like it a lot and have to admit that i kind of wanted to show it off. but i'll also use it as a segway into my fun of my photos from my recent trip to england was selected for an online guidebook! it's called schmap, and my photo is used to advertise the cherwell boathouse restaurant. the picture is below, and you can link to the website if you click here. i didn't get paid or anything, but it does make me feel a little famous.

on another note...I LOVE THE OLYMPICS!!! i don't even know how to explain how much i love it. i always start to think about how cool it would be to be an olympian and walk in the opening ceremony. then i research obscure sports and daydream about going. i mean really, how many people can there really be going out for the badminton team?

August 2, 2008

take me out to the ball game...

i'm a little ashamed to say that until tonight, i had not yet been to the new busch stadium. i know, i can i even call myself a st. louisan? but lucky for me my super cool aunt and uncle came to the rescue this weekend with free seats in the best buy suite, compliments of the casino queen. the cards weren't able to pull out a win, but they are still my favorite anyway.

me and uncle mick

me and my mom inside the suite

the whole gang

uncle mick, aunt linda, mom and me

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