March 21, 2010

just the eleven of us...

one of the (many) reasons i was sad for college to end was the thought that i would never have the opportunity to go on another genuine spring break trip again. the kind where you pile into a caravan with a bunch of friends and head somewhere fun, usually the beach, to play in the sun.

luckily i was wrong.

we just spent a great week hanging at the beach with some fabulous friends who feel like family. here are the key players of the "spring break extravaganza two thousand ten"...
  • the williams family: my mom and i
  • the behr family: chris, kim, matthew, jacob and gracie - we have gone to church with this family for years...before they were even a family, way back in the salem church days
  • the schneider family: john and joanie - the parents of kim...who also went to salem (trivia fact - my mom, john and joanie even went to grade school and high school together)
  • the taylor family: gary and bonnie - also salem-ites...and the parents of my friend jen who lives in colorado, i've known them since i was two!

you can check out more pictures from the week here...
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