October 4, 2013

ten four good buddy

time is a funny thing. sometimes i notice how long it's been since i've written a blog post and wonder why it's taken so long for something 'blog-worthy' to happen. or i look around our house and i'm puzzled (or more accurately...frustrated) at how long it's taking for me to get organized and feel at home. and i've written before about how quickly i seem to forget the good things that happen.

but then i noticed that today is october 4th...exactly one year since the day donald sent me on a scavenger hunt that ended in a proposal. and when i think about it that way, there's a lot to be thankful for.  it has indeed been a 'blog-worthy' year. and though the progress sometimes seems painfully slow, our house is becoming our home. good things are happening here. so happy engagement-iversay to my favorite husband. i'm really glad the wonderful things are happening with you!

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