May 27, 2008

don't know much about history...

...but i do now!! i have some movie recommendations for anyone interested. they're not movies i plan to own, but watching them greatly increased my historical knowledge.

the first is charlie wilsons war, which is based on a true story. it is set during the cold war...which i now know is when the soviets invaded afghanistan because they wanted to take over the world (shelly's paraphrase). it also gives a glimpse of how afghanistan became the kind of country it is today. i had to pause this movie a few times to get some explanations and to look at maps so i could understand everything, but it was well worth it. **disclaimer - there is a very adult scene at the with caution**

soon after you've seen that, watch (or maybe read) the kite runner. it chronicles the life of a man who grew up in afghanistan and shows how the country changed beginning just previous to the cold war and ending in present day. it's kind of a heavy movie, but very worthwhile to see a glimpse of what life was and is really like for the afghan people.

May 21, 2008

there's no place like home...

after a busy couple months of travel and such, i'm glad to be home for a long stretch (well...long for me). i love getting to visit and spend time with far away friends, but sometimes there's just no place like home. this past saturday it was so great to sleep in and lounge around the house...doesn't that just feel nice?

here's a little picture of home...and one of my favorite things about being at home (that would be kim)

another great thing is having time at home is getting to do random fun things, like be on american idol!! yep, that's right...i'm famous again. (well, you probably didn't see me, but i can point to exactly where i was in the crowd!) we went down to the new power and light district in kc for the "official" david cook watch party. i must admit i am a total fair weather fan...i do not watch the show and i didn't vote once. but i can tell you i was doing a LOT of yelling and jumping when his name was announced!!

May 11, 2008

california dreamin...

as you may have figured out from the last post, i spent the last week with some of my favorite friends. tara and i met my freshman year at sbu on the croatia mission trip and we've been friends ever since. naturally when they got hitched, matt had to be my friend too! i really can't say enough how much i love this family...tara and i are like twins separated at birth (if you think i'm cheap and overly organized, just imagine me times two) and even though matt is outnumbered when i visit, i think he actually gets more excited than anyone else! they now have two beautiful daughters who love their aunt shay-shay and i was getting to meet tori michelle for the very first time. here's some pictures of the fun...

shelly and sophia

tori michelle

who do you love?
it took a lot of self control to not post a billion pictures of these cute girls, but if you want to see more, feel free to check out my facebook album.

May 8, 2008

hello tahoe...

a little update from the west coast.

first off...i love this family. we have such a great time together. lots of fun and silliness, and lots of good convo. and these girls love their aunt shay-shay (that's me!).

when i come to visit we always go on an arden family adventure (i am an honorary member) and this time we went up to lake tahoe for the day while sophia stayed with grandma and grandpa in reno.

our family photo
(tori, shelly, matt and tara)

tara and i on our hike to eagle lake

sophia playing at gymboree

don't worry, there's more cute-ness to come!!
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