January 26, 2010

the puzzle master...

this is mostly for my mom's benefit, but go ahead...be impressed.

p.s. that's a twelve inch ruler for perspective

January 16, 2010

i have the greatest friends...

not only are my friends just super people in general, they are often kind enough to entertain me and my unusual ideas. one such idea is my insistence to celebrate half birthdays. i know it's kind of silly and doesn't really deserve much fanfare, but i just get excited when it's january 16th. last year my co-workers had a little celebration and this year did not disappoint. missy made me some special chocolate covered strawberries and my mom provided the bubbly. a little serenade from tori and sophia and the day was complete...thanks friends!!
sophie and i with my play-doh cupcake...
...and us blowing out the candle

January 12, 2010

little gtb...

it was quite an eventful visit when i got to meet g.t. for the first time. it just so happened that the day i was in bolivar we found out that he had something called pyloric stenosis and would have to have surgery in springfield the next morning. he was a champ and did a super job, despite not being fed for twenty hours or so. everything went well, he's all better and sweet as ever!
me and gt just before he got the iv
cashed out after the surgery with his little incision

georgie...when you get to be three, i'm taking you out for ice cream as a treat for being such a brave boy!

January 1, 2010

it's a new year...

i've made a list of some noteworthy events of my 2009. it's not an exhaustive list, but kind of sums up the year...
  • finally made it to africa...and i loved it
  • celebrated turning thirty in great ways with great friends
  • spend a lot of time serving and traveling with my mom in st. louis, honduras, mexico and africa
  • enjoyed a "no work, all play" summer...and it has spoiled me
  • visited lots of friends all over the country
  • met two of my favorite friends...jacob and nickie
  • celebrated the arrival of little g.t. bass

i've never been much of a goal-maker (although i do love making lists), but due to the inspiration of my friends mimi and michelle, i've decided to come up with a few tangible goals for two thousand ten (i had to spell out the year because people saying "twenty-ten" irks the tar out of me)...

  • finish the 100 pushup challenge (already finished week two - though admittedly i am doing girl pushups)
  • write in my "good things book" at least once a month
  • stop biting my nails
  • make a 'new' laundary room for my mom
  • read through the bible
  • take a solo trip
  • find a sustainable way to get exercise in my everyday life

here's to a happy new year.

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