March 30, 2008

across the big blue pond...

that's where i am.

i made it to oxford today for a day of relaxing with the bass family before jackie and i leave for amsterdam in the morning. i hope to have some adventures to write about when we return. for now here's a glimpse of dinner time, oxford style.

March 26, 2008

my funny old friends...

you never know what's going to happen when you're spending time with my funny old's a little tidbit i think you'll find amusing...

conversation while serving lunch

frances: did you see the tv today?
me: no, why?
frances: i won a big prize.
me: you did!?!? what did you win?
frances: a cadillac convertible
me: wow...that's a really big prize, what are you going to do with a car?
frances: give it to my son.
me: what color is the car?
frances: white
me: did you win it on a game show?
frances: yes, the "#1 big show"
me: wow, that's really great!!
frances: i also won an animal.
me: you did? what kind?
frances: a buffalo
me: what in the world are you going to do with a buffalo?
frances: i don't you want it?
me: no, i don't have a place for a buffalo.
frances: i was going to give it to my other son, but his landlord won't let him keep a buffalo.

i love old people.

March 24, 2008

purim party time...

in honor of the fact that we just finished studying esther, and because it's actually the right time on the jewish calendar, the bible study girls and i decided to throw a purim party. for those that need a little history refresher, purim is the festival the jews throw to remember and celebrate the time that God spared their lives from the plot of the evil haman. (described in the book of esther)
there are four main components to a purim celebration...
  • public reading of esther (costumes are optional, but we opted in)
  • sending food gifts to friends
  • giving charity to the poor
  • eating a festive meal

i love what our good friend matthew henry has to say about the purpose of purim (and other celebrations)...

"the observance of the jewish feasts is a public declaration of the truth of the old testament scriptures"

here we are in all our glory...haman, king xerxes, queen esther and mordecai

March 17, 2008

a cherished friend

sometimes there is just nothing like seeing a friend in person. this weekend val was in town from boston and i had the great privilege of spending time with her on her visit. she led a discipleship group i was in at sbu and has always been someone i greatly respect. even though i am always glad for her friendship, seeing her in person just reminded me how fabulous she is! we had some QUALITY conversation, which i pretty much monopolized discussing the search for my passions in life, but as always, val had some great insight. so thank you my friend.

March 9, 2008

super question sunday

it's sunday, kim is bored, and i'm trying to entertain her. so today you get the roommate version of the question box.

kim's questions:

  • what's your proudest accomplishment? surviving her first year of teaching after a horrendous student teaching experience

  • if you were cremated, where would you like to have your ashes spread? on the beach in hawaii

  • what's your biggest pet peeve? heavy breathing

shelly's questions:

  • if you were to own a fabulously impractical car, what car would it be? an rv

  • which book or movie has helped shape your philosophy of life? there are quite a few, including grace walk, a severe mercy and patch adams

  • at what age do most people become old and what is the secret to staying young? i used to think you became old at 30...not so much anymore. more like 87. and the secret is...don't act old.

March 3, 2008

bomo or bust...

last night i jumped in the car for a quick trip to bolivar, mo...the happiest place on earth. spent the evening chatting it up with jason, graziella and angela. (this picture was taken in the morning during breakfast, so forgive the rumpled-ness)

i love quality friends.

then then i spent the day playing cards and laughing with my 'adopted' grandma, pauline. she is just about the sweetest lady on planet earth. this is a picture of her with her husband lee. he passed away about a year and a half ago, but they are so cute, i knew you'd want to see them.

also, inquiring minds want to know...i had a mid-season training meeting with h&r block on saturday. they played my famous news video for all to see, then gave me a goodie bag (seen below) with a $50 target card!! i just love those hidden cameras.

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