November 27, 2008

how i spent $0.86 on black friday...

i've been working the walgreens circuit for a few years now and i've recently decided to delve into the world of cvs-ing. and yes, that is a verb. there's this whole sort of 'cult following' on the web where you can find tips and info on how to get the best deals by combining coupons with store specials. i won't bore you with the details (unless you're interested, and in that case, just ask!) but i do have to brag a bit. the black friday sales presented my biggest challenge yet and with my mom as my sidekick, i went, and i conquered! i purchased all you see below with $11.77 of existing ecb's (ie. store credit) that i had acquired, only $0.86 cash, and i still left the store with $11.95 in ecb's to use in the future! this is so fun!!!

p.s. if you're interested...check out's my favorite resource.

November 10, 2008

let the merry christmas begin...

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