January 26, 2016

anniversary number three

our anniversary fell on a tuesday this year which meant school and work made celebrating tricky. but it just so happened that both donald's christmas and birthday gifts were tickets to star wars related shows and both shows just so happened to fall in the same week as our anniversary. so our third year was celebrated with a night at the symphony featuring the music of john williams and the one man star wars trilogy at starlight. the force must be strong with us.

of course no anniversary is complete without the traditional fried chicken, so we also managed to squeeze in a quick lunch date between donald's classes and enjoyed the fine dining of go chicken go.

January 3, 2016

win, lose or dyer

since this year marked don and debbie's 40th wedding anniversary, we decided it would be fun to celebrate with a little weekend family getaway. this was the first time for the whole family [minus david] to be together somewhere other than raytown, and we're already excited to do it again! we rented a cabin in branson and biscuit supplied a bunch of toys and surprises to help us celebrate uncle dj's birthday, which incidentally falls on the same date as their anniversary. on saturday we had a fancy lunch at college of the ozarks and pep pep got to show some of us around his alma mater, which might someday be kendall's alma mater too. 

since the traditional 40th anniversary gift is a ruby, don surprised debbie with a ring later that night [she was really surprised!] and then we played a little game donald and i created called win, lose or dyer. there were trivia questions and challenges to list things like middle names, birthdays, family cars and family pets. my favorite part of any family gathering is listening to old stories and funny memories, so this was perfect.

on sunday we stopped in ridgely for a potluck with the down home dyers and i managed to sweet talk our driver into a tour of the famed rocky comfort on the way back home.

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