October 30, 2008

another grand opening...

hopefully you've been able to check out my etsy shop, which i officially opened a few weeks ago. and just today i've opened a similar shop at big cartel. it's a lot like etsy, though i don't think it is as well known. also, big cartel doesn't charge any fees to post items or when you make a sale. so that's a bonus. mostly i'm sharing the info just to get the word out about big cartel, in case anyone out there wants to give it a go!

October 23, 2008

frequently asked question...

when i'm catching up with friends i haven't talked to in awhile one of the questions i am most often asked is "do you have any trips planned?" so in an effort to keep everyone informed, here's a little preview...
a couple days after christmas i will be heading south to help with construction of an orphanage in guadalupe, mexico. it's a random group of some sbu friends and some people i've never met before. we'll be working with tapestries of life ministries on what will be the largest orphanage in mexico when completed. for this trip i'm looking forward to getting back to my habitat roots and getting my hands dirty, as well as some quality time with old friends.

then next summer my mom and i will be joining a group from calvary, my home church, to go to malawi, africa. that's right...africa!! i've always wanted to take a mission trip to africa so when my mom saw the announcement in the bulletin, she just signed us up. we'll be working with some missionaries through the african bible college in malawi. i haven't been to any team meetings yet (seeing as how they are held in st. louis) so i don't have a whole lot of details yet, but i do know we'll be doing a vbs for children affected by hiv and aids. and something about a safari. i'm anxious to find out more about what exactly i'll get to do on this trip, but i'm of course looking forward to a trip with my mom. and since we are tentatively scheduled to arrive back in the states on july 14, just in time for my birthday, i can officially say i've been to africa before i turn the big 3-0.

October 14, 2008

francis howell viking football...

i have a new favorite football player (come to think of it, i didn't have one to begin with)...matthew (one of the florida kids) is a freshman at my high school and is playing football. monday was the one and only game i'll get to see this year, so i had to pack a lot of spirit into that hour and a half!! i'm sure matthew was really pleased, and not at all embarrassed, by my artistic sign and the fact that i was frantically waving it around while screaming "go 43", and "good job 43" for the entire game. i didn't earn the most spirited pommer trophy two years in a row for nothing!

jacob, me, and gracie with a very tiny matthew in the background

October 12, 2008

i want to go back to the beach...

my to-do list for the past week:
  • float in pool
  • play in ocean
  • look for seashells
  • eat lots of snow crab

my mom and i spend the past week in pensacola beach, florida with friends from church that we've known forever. this was our second year to go on vacation together and it was quite fun.

here we all are

this is jacob and i on jet ski day in the bay

one night we drove into pensacola to eat at mcguire's...they are really famous for having great burgers. they also have a very cool tradition...everyone who visits is welcome to sign a dollar bill and staple it to the ceiling. they have over $550,000 in dollar bills, and that's not a typo. there is money everywhere!! i think i could live on their dollar bills for the rest of my life. of course we didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to leave our mark in history, so we all signed a bill and up it went.

this is jacob stapling our dollar to the ceiling for all eternity

this room looked like it was a recent addition, and didn't have nearly
as much money in it as the rest of the place

also, if you ever eat here, be sure to go to the bathroom...i won’t spoil the surprise and tell you why…just go.

here is one last picture of my favorite coast line on planet earth

October 2, 2008

open for business...

that's right folks, my etsy shop is officially open for business!! for about a year i've been making notecards and some other small gifts from my photographs, but haven't really had a convenient way to sell them...until now!!

etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade (direct quote from the website) and it is very cool. of course i'd love it if you come visit my shop, but either way it is definitely worth your while to spend a little time browsing. they have a lot of great stuff, but be careful...it's addicting!

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