May 28, 2014


donald has been working hard on his prerequisites for nursing school so the end of the semester seemed like the perfect excuse to bring back the d.w.d.w.d., but this time he got a whole "do whatever donald wants week"!

now an ideal week to my husband looks a lot different than an ideal week for me. mine would be full of activities, he likes to take it slow. he loves his recliner and one of his requests was for lots of time to spend there. i lost track of the number of movies he watched, but he was in cinema heaven.

we hit up a few famous raytown landmarks since we knew it was high time we visited the raytown historical society museum and honestly, we were pleasantly surprised. and though we are dedicated patrons of mama china's, we took weatherman brian busby's suggestion and lunched at the blue yuu. sadly, we did not squeeze in a visit to pocket park.

as usual, many of our days involved playing games. lately mexican train has made its way in the rotation quite frequently and the introduction of tripoley to our monday night dyer dinners has been nothing short of hilarious.

food is pretty important to donald too so he picked some special treats for the week. namely a morning donut shop run and ridiculously sized can of the dew.

we also tossed in a free movie premier and an ihop outing with these crazy cats. we like them a lot.

May 9, 2014

eggs and horses

we stayed in kansas city this easter, which marked the first time i haven't been in st. louis for at least part of a major holiday. there were things i missed about easter in st. louis, but i was glad to be able to celebrate the best holiday with our church family in kc. plus my mom came to town and i still got to hunt for eggs, so i really can't complain.

since our siblings had other family events to attend i figured it was time to host my first holiday meal. it wasn't fancy, but it was fun! don and debbie came over and we had a little easter feast. i was pretty proud of myself.  

this past weekend we headed to st. louie because our presence had been requested for the 140th running of the kentucky derby. last year we just so happened to be at edith and edna's house celebrating my mom's birthday on derby day and it became quite the event. edna requested that we make it a tradition and we were happy to oblige.

i have to say that my favorite part of the day was when granny was watching us finish our game of dominoes and suddenly burst into song. it went a little something like this...

oh the big leg-ged women wear the big leg-ged drawers,
but me and my cousin we wear overalls.


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