June 29, 2008

happy first birthday to you...

happy birthday to my dear friend sophie!

her birthday hat
(it has one candle on it, but it fell over)

oh those eyes


who do you love?

June 25, 2008

she's my cover girl...

today i had the honor of taking sophie's one year pictures. luckily we picked the hottest day of the year so far, but she was a trooper. here are a few of my favorites!

June 22, 2008

kids camp 2008...

i've spent the past week at one of my all time favorite places...camp! i was at kids camp with calvary (stl church) using my mad assistant nurse skills. there was a lot of fun to be had...though it's a little hard to explain if you weren't there. i also have a new favorite song, but you'd have to see it complete with the actions to really appreciate it. (click here for a sample)

even though i don't see them very often, i really enjoy spending time with calvary people during the week. since i've been support staff the past couple years (as opposed to a counselor) i get some extra 'adult' time to chat with some of the pastors and leaders that are there. they are some fun people let me tell you, and they can really make you laugh.
cute little ben & me
(don't tell but he's my favorite!)

mom & me

June 8, 2008

meinhardt clan...

i have the best family. i love my family.

i just got back from a weekend of family fun. every two years my mom's family gets together for a little vacation at the fabulous lake of the ozarks. we spend a few days eating, listening to the stories of the elder members (also known as the 'super delegates' during the family meeting) and then we eat some more. i made a few fun treats to suprise everyone with when they arrived, including these cool water bottles...are you impressed?

we have these old family movies we watch when we're together and some of the footage is of the six elder cousins bowling in grandpa's basement. so thanks to my cousins monte and heather, we set up a virtual bowling alley and introduced the old folks to the wonderful world of wii. i fear the still shots don't quite do the night justice, but we did manage to score some quality video of them!

and here's the whole, lovely family!

June 1, 2008

moberly or bust...

saturday we road-tripped to the wedding of josh and gina littrell. it was a great day...which is pretty much a given for me when you mix weddings and great friends. here are a few pictures for those of you who couldn't make the trip.
mr & mrs littrell

ali . shannon . shanna

rachel . theresa

nate . matthew . andy . jake

zach . sydney . erin

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