November 26, 2010

a shopping extravaganza...

i'm not really a black friday shopper but i do love a good deal. so as the clock struck midnight to start thanksgiving day, i was heading to cvs with lindsey, her mom and her sisters. the whole outing was kind of hilarious. only two of us were seasoned cvs-ers so we were showing the ropes to the four newbies.

we had a very detailed plan of attack that was a bit thrown off by two missing items, so at one point we all plopped down in an aisle to regroup. we amusued a few of our fellow lady even said she thought we were having some sort of prayer meeting. hahaha!!

i think we also provided some entertainment for the employees...this is us with our new friends al and habib.

thanks for the family bonding prosser girls!!

for the inquiring minds:
i went in with $7 of ecb's...spent an additional $1.73...and left with $12.71 of ecb's, along with all of this...

November 23, 2010

100 birthdays for picklepuss...

my friend edith turned 100 today. she is hilarious. and kind of feisty. i kept pointing out the fact that she is now 100 (because really, how often does that happen?) and she kept pointing out the fact that she is now older than dirt. during her birthday dinner, she paused to sing us the star spangled banner. just because she loves living in america. she told lots of stories, the most memorable being the one about how when she was younger she was given the nickname picklepuss at work...because there was also another edith that worked at the casket making company and it was too confusing. true story.

so happy birthday're definitely a special one.

marilyn . shelly . edith . edna

November 9, 2010

actions speak louder...

recently i watched a couple documentaries about the lost boys of sudan. i have learned a lot about what has happened in the country of sudan and to its people in the past twenty five years. i've also watched the journey unfold for a few of the boys and seen the experience through their eyes.

i have to admit...while i am affected by their stories, i feel powerless to help. i'm so far away...what can i really do? it was interesting to see that many of the boys who were relocated to the united states felt the same way at times. they longed to help the family they left behind in africa, but were unsure how to do that in the midst of learning to survive and support themselves in a new and very different culture and place.

a few years ago some friends of mine started an organization called his voice for sudan to partner with and support a local sudanese church and their desire to care for orphans. there are currently three orphanages providing homes for children and jobs for the indigenous staff and plans are in place for a fourth. my favorite thing about his voice is that along with raising the funds for the actual building, they also raise enough to purchase a truck that will COMPLETELY SUSTAIN the orphanage financially. it's genius. there's a song coming out on itunes next week and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the cost of the next orphanage. so if you like music and you'd like to help build an orphanage...this song is for you!

November 1, 2010

nobody puts jesus in a corner...

yep...that was a dirty dancing reference with jesus thrown in. no i cannot take credit for the hilarious-ness of it. that belongs to one of my new favorite people...jonathan acuff. seriously, whatever it is...he's got it. he just got hired by dave ramsey (another of my favorite people) which is how i found out about him. i immediately checked out his book from the library and promptly laughed my head off. it's a quick read and pokes some hilarous fun at the church and the things we crazy christians think, say and do. a few of my favs from the book and his blog:

on married people trying to get single people married off as soon as possible:
never, ever tell a single person that marriage can be difficult...whenever they ask...say marriage is awesome. it is perfect. it's easy and fun and and is kind of like rolling around in a field of flowers and kit kats and pillows stuffed with rainbows 100% of the time.

on the new skecher shoe called BOBS, which look exactly like TOMS:
if changing TOMS to BOBS becomes a trend, would it be odd if i became a christian musician named, 'chris boblin' instead of of chris tomlin? my first song would be titled, 'how greater is our God.'

on christian tracts that look like money:
is there anyone that picks up what appears to be a ten dollar bill, flips it over, finds out it's actually a message about the bible and says, "phew, i thought this was free money for a second. let's see what this john 3:16 is all about instead?"
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