February 26, 2008

the daily checkmark...

the title of this post was a suggestion given to me when i was looking for a name for my blog...it made me laugh in a clever way, so i wanted to use it somehow :)

i've decided that in the interest of keeping my blog interesting, i don't want to go too long between posts. i have no insightful thoughts for the day and i've decided that in this event, i will pull three cards from our 'question box' (yes, i am referring to a literal box) and post my answers. kind of a get-to-know-you type thing. feel free to comment with your answers too.

* disclaimer - i often stress about having the exact, perfect answer to these types of things, but tonight, i'm just going with my first instinct *
  • if you could give all human beings one virtue which would you choose? compassion

  • what was your most memorable meal ever? my answer doesn't refer to a specific meal, but whenever i travel overseas the meal i dream about coming home to is hot chocolate chip cookies, a box of mac and cheese and a tall glass of skim milk

  • if money were no object what kind of party would you throw and where? week-long beach house bash with all my friends

February 20, 2008

officially in business...

most of you probably know that i am a photographer and that i try to sell my work from time to time. and now thanks to the encouragement of my faithful bible study girls and my friend missy, i am the proud seller of boxed notecards!

they are blank inside, and the great part is they are custom made by yours truly, so anyone's favorite photo can be made into a card! they come in boxes of four ($6) and eight ($10). you can check out more on my website @ www.flickr.com/photos/shellylynnphotography/sets.

February 14, 2008

i was the object of an undercover investigation...

here's what went down...last night about 10:20pm my friend casey calls to tell me she just saw me on the news. why? apparently a local tv news station decided to send a couple undercover to different tax preparers to find out who is most accurate, and how the fees compare. little did i know, i had been the unsuspecting tax associate who had these clients at h&r block. they came into the office packing a hidden camera, and all of a sudden...i'm famous. mind you, my face is blurred out, but i don't think you'll have trouble recognizing me.

i haven't figured out how to download the video yet, so for now i'll just have to leave you with the link to the nbc news site. happy watching!

February 8, 2008

in case you were wondering...

i've come up with a few lent ideas i'm pretty excited about.

first off, i'm going to try to attend lent services at churches of different denominations over the next few weeks. on ash wednesday i went to a luthren church and 'got ashed' (pretty sure that's not the technical term, but they put a cross on my forehead with ashes) which is something i had heard about, but never had done before. i'm thinking i might hit up the catholics, episcopalians...and basically whoever else i can find with wednesday services.

next, i found a site with daily lent readings. if you want to check it out, it's from creighton university.

and last, as easter gets closer, i want to read a book about pontius pilate that i borrowed from a friend a few months ago, but have yet to get around to read (sorry joy!)

and there you have it.

February 5, 2008

lent ideas

every year i wish i was more intentional about observing lent. i usually have this conviction a week or so after lent starts, and due to my self-diagnosed ocd, i can't find it in myself to start partway through. so here it is, fat tuesday, and i've remembered to remember lent. now my problem is, what do i do with lent? does anyone out there have any thoughts? are you giving something up? do you have daily lent readings? help me please!
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