April 28, 2008

want some free money?

i have found another money maker to add to my collection. (if you're interested in learning how to get free toiletries at walgreens every month, just let me know) there is a new company out there called revolution money exchange. it's basically a new paypal. the company is legit (member FDIC) and to spread the word they are crediting your account with a free $25 if you sign up before may 15, 2008.

it is free to sign up for an account, but you do have to provide your social security number. to get the money from your account into your pocket there are two options: provide your bank account info and they will transfer it for free, or you can request them to mail you a check for a small fee. (but if you're queasy about sharing your bank account number it's worth it...i mean hey, it's all free money!)

just click on this link and you're on your way...

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange

also, rumor has it that a husband and wife can sign up separately and still get $25 each, for a total of $50! i have obviously not tried this, but it's worth a shot!

wooooo pig suey...

took a little trip to arkansas this weekend to visit scott, ali and brady. good friends, good times.

adj, shelly and ali @ springfest

brady and me

April 19, 2008

mr. & mrs. scofield...

my good friend ryan married the lovely shauna last night. the celebration was sweet...as in awesome. it takes quite a bit for me to be impressed at a wedding (due to the sheer number of them i've attended) but this was definitely one for the wedding book.

the groom giving a 'thank you'

the first dance
(they were showered with flower petals)

me and my hot date

April 17, 2008

tonights top ten list...

today i started reading this book from the library about debt-free living (these are the kind of books i read for enjoyment...weird, i know) and early on the author asked this question:

what contributes to the quality of your life and brings you satisfaction?

she suggested i stop reading and make a list of ten things that define the quality of my life, which i decided was a good idea, so i did. i thought it might be fun to share them, and even funner (i know, not a real word) if i could find out how my friends would answer the same question. so my challenge to you is to answer the this question on your blog, or post a comment on here. i made my list in just a couple minutes, so no excuses about not having the time!!

my 'top ten' in random order:
  • living life with my friends
  • traveling

  • feeling loved

  • making someones day

  • getting great deals/being debt-free

  • having a great mom

  • spending time outside (especially when it involves water)

  • watching the cosby show & friends

  • helping others

  • being organized

i can't wait to read YOUR list!

April 14, 2008

they have arrived...

...the photos that is. for those of you anxiously awaiting the photo tour of my trip...today is your lucky day. (that statment may not actually apply to anyone)

for the short tour, you can check out my facebook album. and those of you who really like my pictures, or have some time to waste at work, the long tour is on my flickr.

happy viewing!

April 13, 2008

happy birthday missy...

as one of my very loyal blog readers, i wanted to wish you a happy day!! just for old times sake, here's a 'classic' for your viewing pleasure. (sorry for the poor quality, it's a picture of a picture)

jen, shelly & missy @ salem church camp

and just in case anyone is wondering...this is what we look like now. (well, when the babies were still in their bellies)

missy, shelly & jen @ baby jonah's shower

happy birthday my life-long friend!!

April 8, 2008

farewell fair oxford...

in honor of my last evening in england, i thought i'd share a few pictures of my oxford adventures. it's been a pretty laid back trip which i've really enjoyed. since i've been here before, i didn't have to go full force the whole time trying to visit all the 'must see' sites. i still saw some fun things, but it was great to ride bikes to the store, make dinner, go to church and just feel a bit like a local.

i was on my own for awhile yesterday and today while jackie had some meetings and i had some interesting adventures. both days i went bike riding on some paths and ended up with some serious mud issues. i wish someone had been following me with a video camera...it would have made for some laughs. other than that, i just enjoyed the city and the countryside and treated myself to a lunch of bangers and mash (sausages on a pile of mashed potatoes...it is my favorite english dish). and on a non-'english' note, i learned how to make homemade onion rings tonight. it was our turn to cook for food group at the house and we made a good old american meal...cheeseburgers, onion rings and cokes. delish.

and now for the photo tour...

the grave of c.s. lewis

me and the spires of oxford

punts for hire on the river cherwell

beautiful port meadow
(my bike ride here today just may have been the trip highlight)

the jackie and shelly farewell photo

April 6, 2008

yep, that's snow...

we woke up this morning to a delightful sight...lots and lots of snow!! it was a very pretty and some of the students in the house were up bright and early to enjoy every minute of it...especially the ones from california.

the backyard

the snowman
being the devoted church-goers that we are, jackie and i biked through the snow to church and then shopped around oxford a bit. we had lunch at the lamb & flag pub, and are now back at the vines (their house) to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.
p.s. in case anyone is wondering what in the world happened to clint...he is off in lincoln doing some pioneer research and finding out things no one else in the world knows. you know, typical stuff. this is what makes him the most educated person i know.

April 5, 2008

i love london...

jackie and i took the train to london yesterday (i love being able to say that) for a little sight seeing. the weather was beautiful, especially for england.

one of our first stops was the british library. now, i'm not usually very fond of museum-type attractions, but this was really cool. there is a room filled with old books and writings on different subjects, all kept under glass. they have some of jane austen's writings (these are originals mind you) and the codex sinaitcius, which is the world's oldest complete christian bible. i feel like i should say that was my favorite, but my true favorite was in the music section. they had one area dedicated to the beatles, with papers where they had scribbled down lyrics for songs. and my very, very favorite...handel's messiah. in the flesh. i think i teared up a bit when i first saw it. they also had headphones on the wall so you could listen to the pieces you were looking at, so i had a grand time listening to the hallelujah chorus as i looked at the music.

next i made a quick detour to hogwarts...unfortunately there was no photography allowed and i was sworn to secrecy, so i can't tell you what it was like. you'll have to read the books. but i was able to take a photo on my way in.

platform 9 3/4 @ kings cross

in the evening we ended up at westminster abbey just in time for the evensong (which you can attend for free). the service was centered around martin luther king jr. and his message of hope, since it was the 40th anniversary of his assassination. we didn't get a chance to see william wilberforce's grave, but i liked the experience of attending a service there.

our last surprise find of the day came at the train station. we headed back to paddington to grab some dinner and wait for our train back to oxford, and all of a sudden a live band started playing! not just a few random musicians, a full 20-ish piece band playing some good tunes. it was mostly older folks, but it was great entertainment as we were waiting.

and that was our day in london.

April 3, 2008

adventures in amsterdam...

jackie and i are back in oxford after our little adventure.

amsterdam is a pretty cool city...we walked around a lot (which did make our feet quite tired) and discovered that amsterdam has one of the largest bic
ycle populations on the planet. i really liked exploring all the little streets and canals...i think they were charming.

a few of the highlights were the anne frank house, where anne's family and four other jews hid from the nazi's; the keukenhof park (basically a botanical garden created just for tulips); and the really amazing waffle i had for dessert one day. it was covered in white chocolate and nuts, warmed up, and had a dollop of creme on top...divine. we also had a short, unintentional tour of the red light district...but that's a story for another day.

there will be many more pictures to come when i get them on flickr (which won't happen until i'm home), but here are a few to wet your whistle.

an amsterdam canal

tulips for sale

jackie and i @ keukenhof park

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