February 10, 2015

the eateries of raytona beach

while driving down 350 the other day donald decided that as a lifelong resident of his beloved raytona, he should make it his personal mission to visit every dining establishment this fine town has to offer. we figured he must have a pretty good head start from his first thirty eight years, specifically in the pizza and fast food categories.

when we got home we set up shop on the couch and got our google on. first we mapped out the boundaries based on the raytown city limits, and then proceeded to list and categorize all the options. we left no stone unturned and ended up with a total of 54. in the midst of our searching we discovered that las chilis, a long standing mexican restaurant, is actually known for their cheeseburgers. i know. it's weird. but we were pretty excited to check them out and don senior was kind enough to oblige. so the three of us went to a mexican restaurant and we all ordered cheeseburgers. and they were delicious.

honestly we don't eat out much unless it's initiated by friends or family, so it may take us awhile to get through the list. or i may get wild and crazy and create a special envelope just for the eateries of raytona beach.

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