September 24, 2009

shelly and the terrible horrible no good very bad day...

i was robbed. i don't think i've ever been robbed before. it is no fun.

wednesday morning i went to church as usual for our weekly meeting. i also hooked up the bike rack on my trunk and brought along my bike so i could stop for a ride on my way home. i was trying to be wise and combine trips. before i left church i safely stowed my wallet in the console and the church laptop in my trunk. out of sight, out of mind.

so i went to my biking destination and had a nice ride. as i came back up to my car i noticed the bottom straps of my bike rack were hanging loose. weird. it's not like they can just fall off on their own. so i hooked them back up and put my bike on. then i walked to the front of the car and saw that my drivers window had been smashed. my mind started racing as i calculated what had happened. i hurried to unlock the back seat so i could look in the laptop. opened the wallet. by this time i am crying. and by crying, i mean sobbing and wailing. this nice man stopped to see what was wrong and offered to stay with me until the police came. he even gave me a hug, which i was really needing at that point.

thus began my terrible horrible no good very bad day. i cried a lot. i lost my own stuff...but even worse, i lost a lot of the church's stuff.

thursday was a much better day. i got a call from a policeman in the morning saying he had recovered my wallet. there was no license, money or credit cards but there were other things left in it. i was elated as i drove to meet him. a woman had come across it laying in a driveway that morning and had called the police. almost everything was there (including my check register!) but he told me where it was found in case i wanted to go look around and see if there was anything else there. so i drove up and down the street scanning the grass for anything interesting. i spotted a card sized object and jumped out to inspect it further and what do i drivers license! i was dancing in the street. i walked around some more and found a few other things that were was better than an easter egg hunt.

there's still a lot missing...many files and photos. but i'm okay, and as someone said 'stuff can be replaced, shelly cannot'.


Jenn Beyer said...

oh my!!!! that's horrible!!!! I'm soooo sorry but I'm glad you're OK! What part of town were you in when this happened? They must have seen you put stuff in the trunk to go to all that work to take off your bike rack to get in it! crazy! It makes me soo mad when people do stuff like that! It's more of an annoyance than anything else. At least no DMV trip for you.

Mimi said...

I'm so sorry Shelly! That really sucks! Im glad things are better!