it's a new year...

January 01, 2010

i've made a list of some noteworthy events of my 2009. it's not an exhaustive list, but kind of sums up the year...
  • finally made it to africa...and i loved it
  • celebrated turning thirty in great ways with great friends
  • spend a lot of time serving and traveling with my mom in st. louis, honduras, mexico and africa
  • enjoyed a "no work, all play" summer...and it has spoiled me
  • visited lots of friends all over the country
  • met two of my favorite friends...jacob and nickie
  • celebrated the arrival of little g.t. bass

i've never been much of a goal-maker (although i do love making lists), but due to the inspiration of my friends mimi and michelle, i've decided to come up with a few tangible goals for two thousand ten (i had to spell out the year because people saying "twenty-ten" irks the tar out of me)...

  • finish the 100 pushup challenge (already finished week two - though admittedly i am doing girl pushups)
  • write in my "good things book" at least once a month
  • stop biting my nails
  • make a 'new' laundary room for my mom
  • read through the bible
  • take a solo trip
  • find a sustainable way to get exercise in my everyday life

here's to a happy new year.

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