a hotel slumber party...

January 17, 2011

despite the fact that last week consisted of three snow days and one work day, (meaning i only saw my students for one day) it was kind of a rough week school-wise. the majority of my stress was directly related to lesson plan writing, which i have discovered is definitely the hardest part for me. (i'm hoping it stays that way...i don't want to find something harder in a week or two!) so after spending all day friday working on plans, that i kept having to change, i was spent. i was going into my three day weekend feeling very overwhelmed and i had no fun plans to look forward to.

enter my wonderful mother.

we were talking on saturday and decided that we could take an impromptu trip and meet in columbia! so sunday after church i headed east, she headed west, and a hotel slumber party ensued. we ate at shakespeare's pizza, played games, ate cake, (it was also my half birthday, which i love to celebrate) swam and explored the town. also, as evidenced in the photo below, i apparently acquired lion hair. it was just want i needed. (the trip, not so much the hair) thanks mom!!!

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