meet paul...

January 07, 2011

my main squeeze. his full name is paul mccartney. get it? paul mcCARTney. incredibly clever, i know. and he's dreamy to look at. all that organization.

i am proud to say i have completed my first week as a teacher completely tear free. i didn't cry once! that seems promising. i'm a little hesitant to say this, lest the sky fall down on me, but i feel like i'm in the groove. i have an organizational plan of attack. i know where my classes are. i can name 95% of my students, as long as they don't change seats. i can probably name 50% if they do. i even know where to go if there's a fire or tornado. i struggled a little with running out of lesson plans before the end of class, but i improvised and so far it's all worked out.

pretty soon i'm going to get tired of the whole 'every day' part of the job, but if other grownups can do it, i probably can too.

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