plus point five...

February 06, 2012

the month was november and christmas was fast approaching. i made my list and checked it twice. near the top was something i expect made an appearance on many a christmas wish eye exam. it's true. these are the things i wish for. and my mom was kind enough to entertain my wish come christmas morning.

while i've never had need for an optical apparatus in the past, i'd recently noticed a small bit of eye strain after an evening in front of the computer. since i hadn't been to an eye doctor in over ten years (when i last had vision insurance) i figured it was time. i patiently waited as they blew annoying puffs of air into my eyes, fully expecting to pass with flying colors. instead, i was prescribed very low strength reading glasses. plus point five to be exact. the comical thing is that while reading glasses are readily available at drugstores and dollar generals, my eyes are too good for those options. it's impossible to find anything lower than plus one 'off the rack' so order them i did. i went with the two pair deal, since it is ironically much cheaper than just one, and here's what i ended up with...

pair number one

pair number two

the jury's still out on a favorite. today i'm leaning towards number one, though pair number two has a surprise greenish-yellow color on the inside that is rather delightful.

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