July 25, 2013

as if it wasn't exciting enough to have matt and tara fly in from california for our wedding (and kick off the honeymoon with us) we got a double bonus this year when they came back to the midwest with two of my favorite little people.  they were in missouri for a family wedding and lucky us got to steal them for a few days on their way in and out.  (not to be confused with eating at in-n-out, which we sadly do not get to do) 

our visits are usually few and far between so we tried to soak up all the dyer/arden love we could in just a few short days.  matt loves barbecue so i'm pretty sure the highlight of the trip for him was eating at the little pig bbq that we happened upon in belton, which he declared to be the best he's ever eaten.  we ate there twice in one week, got a pound of meat to go and if it hadn't been twenty five minutes away i suspect we would have been back for round three.

we love the ardens and are so glad we got the chance to make memories kansas city style!

matt . tara . donald . shelly
tori . sophia

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