sealed with a kiss...

February 27, 2014

i love getting the mail.  it's one of life's little pleasures.  and we've just had a very exciting week in mail getting.  the first to arrive was a big blue box with our wedding album in it and i must was worth the wait.  i love it.  it was exactly want i wanted.

then a brown box came.  and this one has a back story.  

we've already had two garage sales since i've moved to 78th street, resulting in a number of unneeded items leaving the premises.  this makes me exceedingly happy, but tends to bring donald a twinge of sadness.  he loves all of the treasures.  which brings us to the fateful saturday last summer where donald, being the loving husband that he is, was gathering a few last minute things he thought he could part with to add to our sale.  one such item was a cookie jar.  but not just any cookie jar...a cowboy cookie monster cookie jar.  

long story short...he sold it for $1. 

and then he was sad.  so very sad.

i've heard a lot of lamenting about the loss of this beloved family heirloom so i decided i would plan a little surprise.  enter...the brown box.  it took a couple days for him to open it [i was trying to play it casual so i stuck it in a corner of our room until he noticed] but it definitely made his day.  and now all is right with the world because this guy is back on 78th street.

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