bomo or bust...

March 03, 2008

last night i jumped in the car for a quick trip to bolivar, mo...the happiest place on earth. spent the evening chatting it up with jason, graziella and angela. (this picture was taken in the morning during breakfast, so forgive the rumpled-ness)

i love quality friends.

then then i spent the day playing cards and laughing with my 'adopted' grandma, pauline. she is just about the sweetest lady on planet earth. this is a picture of her with her husband lee. he passed away about a year and a half ago, but they are so cute, i knew you'd want to see them.

also, inquiring minds want to know...i had a mid-season training meeting with h&r block on saturday. they played my famous news video for all to see, then gave me a goodie bag (seen below) with a $50 target card!! i just love those hidden cameras.

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