purim party time...

March 24, 2008

in honor of the fact that we just finished studying esther, and because it's actually the right time on the jewish calendar, the bible study girls and i decided to throw a purim party. for those that need a little history refresher, purim is the festival the jews throw to remember and celebrate the time that God spared their lives from the plot of the evil haman. (described in the book of esther)
there are four main components to a purim celebration...
  • public reading of esther (costumes are optional, but we opted in)
  • sending food gifts to friends
  • giving charity to the poor
  • eating a festive meal

i love what our good friend matthew henry has to say about the purpose of purim (and other celebrations)...

"the observance of the jewish feasts is a public declaration of the truth of the old testament scriptures"

here we are in all our glory...haman, king xerxes, queen esther and mordecai

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