April 6, 2008

yep, that's snow...

we woke up this morning to a delightful sight...lots and lots of snow!! it was a very pretty and some of the students in the house were up bright and early to enjoy every minute of it...especially the ones from california.

the backyard

the snowman
being the devoted church-goers that we are, jackie and i biked through the snow to church and then shopped around oxford a bit. we had lunch at the lamb & flag pub, and are now back at the vines (their house) to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.
p.s. in case anyone is wondering what in the world happened to clint...he is off in lincoln doing some pioneer research and finding out things no one else in the world knows. you know, typical stuff. this is what makes him the most educated person i know.


the broomes said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast! So fun! Clint may be the most educated person we know... but you, Shelly, are the most well-traveled person I know:) Please tell Clint and Jackie that we say "hello":)

Alison said...

Shelly! So fun to read about your trip! Hug that Jackie for me! Love you! Be safe (if you feel like it!)