April 17, 2008

tonights top ten list...

today i started reading this book from the library about debt-free living (these are the kind of books i read for enjoyment...weird, i know) and early on the author asked this question:

what contributes to the quality of your life and brings you satisfaction?

she suggested i stop reading and make a list of ten things that define the quality of my life, which i decided was a good idea, so i did. i thought it might be fun to share them, and even funner (i know, not a real word) if i could find out how my friends would answer the same question. so my challenge to you is to answer the this question on your blog, or post a comment on here. i made my list in just a couple minutes, so no excuses about not having the time!!

my 'top ten' in random order:
  • living life with my friends
  • traveling

  • feeling loved

  • making someones day

  • getting great deals/being debt-free

  • having a great mom

  • spending time outside (especially when it involves water)

  • watching the cosby show & friends

  • helping others

  • being organized

i can't wait to read YOUR list!

1 comment:

Joy said...

my ten things, in random order:
love of swimming
adventuresome spirit
ability to get lost in a book
time to relax and veg by myself
a home that i love to go home to
relationship with jesus
job i like that pays the bills

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