kids camp 2008...

June 22, 2008

i've spent the past week at one of my all time favorite! i was at kids camp with calvary (stl church) using my mad assistant nurse skills. there was a lot of fun to be had...though it's a little hard to explain if you weren't there. i also have a new favorite song, but you'd have to see it complete with the actions to really appreciate it. (click here for a sample)

even though i don't see them very often, i really enjoy spending time with calvary people during the week. since i've been support staff the past couple years (as opposed to a counselor) i get some extra 'adult' time to chat with some of the pastors and leaders that are there. they are some fun people let me tell you, and they can really make you laugh.
cute little ben & me
(don't tell but he's my favorite!)

mom & me

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