we love the umpire...

May 10, 2009

my cousin matt is an umpire for double-a baseball in the southern league. he's been working his way up the ranks for a few years and has one more level to go before he gets to the big leagues...which is pretty amazing. my mom and i were anxious to see him in action, so this weekend we hopped in the car with christy, matt's sister, and her three year old son tommy and headed to jackson, tennessee.

the game wasn't exactly filled with thrills, but we were much more interested in the guy behind home plate, so it didn’t matter much. the second game was rained out, but matt was able to take us in the umpire clubhouse and out on the field instead, so that kinda made up for it.

matt working the plate

my mom and tommy @ the game...and no, it wasn't raining...

mom and me on the field

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