May 27, 2009

the beginning of a beautiful summer...

it’s not often that adults get the chance to really enjoy the freedom of summer, but since i have no kids, no house and no career ladder to climb…i’m doing it. school’s out, tax season is over and i’ve put in my two week notice at john knox. goodbye work...hello summer.

lest you think i have an aversion to work (although i’m sure some people would argue that i do) here are a few of the reasons i’m doing this...
  • life is just better with other people. one of the reasons i so love to visit out of town friends is that i really get the chance to 'live life' with them. i’m not just stopping by for a few hours, i’m moving in. we laugh together, play together, cook together…it’s great. i wrote a 'life mission statement' a few months ago and one of the things it says is that i want to enjoy the people in my life. so what better way than to carve out a big chunk of time to spend with them? so whether you’re an out of town friend, or a lucky stay-at-home mom friend…get ready, ‘cause i’m probably coming to visit.

  • i want to be available. another thing my mission statement says is that i want to be exceedingly generous with my time and talents. so i just want to free up my time to be helpful. some of this is already planned, like helping my mom finish painting her house and mission trips with her to africa and honduras. other things will be more spontaneous. either way, i want to be available.

i'm looking forward to spending time with my mom and many dear friends this summer. and i hope when i look back on these few months i can see it's been fruitful, both for me and the ones i love.

*if anyone out there is interested in trying to keep up with my travels over the summer, i added a link on the right side of my blog that will take you to a calendar that shows where i'll be and when. i feel like carmen sandiego.


Michelle Ross said...

Does being in Saint Peters count as out of town? Because we have a two year old who won't stop wanting to play the 'Ding Dong' game, and nobody does it better than you!

Joy said...

love the calendar! and the box looks the right size to me. very cool!

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