nobody puts jesus in a corner...

November 01, 2010

yep...that was a dirty dancing reference with jesus thrown in. no i cannot take credit for the hilarious-ness of it. that belongs to one of my new favorite people...jonathan acuff. seriously, whatever it is...he's got it. he just got hired by dave ramsey (another of my favorite people) which is how i found out about him. i immediately checked out his book from the library and promptly laughed my head off. it's a quick read and pokes some hilarous fun at the church and the things we crazy christians think, say and do. a few of my favs from the book and his blog:

on married people trying to get single people married off as soon as possible:
never, ever tell a single person that marriage can be difficult...whenever they ask...say marriage is awesome. it is perfect. it's easy and fun and and is kind of like rolling around in a field of flowers and kit kats and pillows stuffed with rainbows 100% of the time.

on the new skecher shoe called BOBS, which look exactly like TOMS:
if changing TOMS to BOBS becomes a trend, would it be odd if i became a christian musician named, 'chris boblin' instead of of chris tomlin? my first song would be titled, 'how greater is our God.'

on christian tracts that look like money:
is there anyone that picks up what appears to be a ten dollar bill, flips it over, finds out it's actually a message about the bible and says, "phew, i thought this was free money for a second. let's see what this john 3:16 is all about instead?"

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