November 26, 2010

a shopping extravaganza...

i'm not really a black friday shopper but i do love a good deal. so as the clock struck midnight to start thanksgiving day, i was heading to cvs with lindsey, her mom and her sisters. the whole outing was kind of hilarious. only two of us were seasoned cvs-ers so we were showing the ropes to the four newbies.

we had a very detailed plan of attack that was a bit thrown off by two missing items, so at one point we all plopped down in an aisle to regroup. we amusued a few of our fellow lady even said she thought we were having some sort of prayer meeting. hahaha!!

i think we also provided some entertainment for the employees...this is us with our new friends al and habib.

thanks for the family bonding prosser girls!!

for the inquiring minds:
i went in with $7 of ecb's...spent an additional $1.73...and left with $12.71 of ecb's, along with all of this...


the broomes said...

Oh Oh Oh...SO much fun, Shell!!! Thanks for bringing us Prosser gals along for the adventure:) Love you!

Joy said...

very impressive.

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