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the 30 after 30 list...

i love lists. i love to make them. i love to read them. i also like goals, though i don't take the time to come up with them very often. but when i saw my friend mimi's recent post i was inspired to create a list of my own. (though i may have copied a few entries) so here is a list, in no particular order, of some things i would like to do in the relatively near future...
  1. go camping

  2. participate in a 5k

  3. take a 'real' trip by myself

  4. buy at least one fresh fruit and vegetable every week

  5. write to my pretend grandma every month [check]

  6. take an all day (or longer) bike trip [august 2011]

  7. visit the creation museum [august 2011]

  8. make a secret surprise for my mom [may 2011]

  9. go to a mizzou football game in columbia [october 2011...sorta]

  10. write in my 'good things book' every month [check]

  11. send someone flowers [august 2011]

  12. have a birthday party at harvesters [january 2012]

  13. listen to music in the jazz district

  14. convince tara to come visit me [october 2011]

  15. make a 'glimpse of life' photo album [may 2011]

  16. learn how to enjoy every day

  17. take a road trip to niagara falls with my mom [august 2011]

  18. convert all our family movies to dvd

  19. read through the bible alphabetically [december 2012]

  20. go to the missouri state fair

  21. pick some grace spots

  22. visit the holocaust museum in st. louis

  23. paint all the closets at my mom's house [summer 2012]

  24. watch the bbc version of pride & prejudice with missy at the lake [june 2011]

  25. come out of retirement and return to my original role of counselor at kids camp [june 2011]

  26. take a trip with some fun friends (pullens, taltons & mims...i've got my eye on you)

  27. participate in the first 100 at chick-fil-a [november 2011]

  28. sled on art hill (stl) or at raintree lake (kc)

  29. have a dinner party

  30. rent a boat at james a. reed
i'd love some company...who's with me?!?


Jenn Beyer said…
I'll do 1,2. 3 you're by yourself. 6 we have a great spot to do that here in the NC/VA area next time you come. I'll do 9 with you. You can do 11 to me. I'll be at 12 and 29. We should do 13 next time Tyler and I are in town and it's warm. Tyler and I want to do 17, but we'll fly and meet you there. I've never been to 20 either?! crazy right? Definitely in for 26. :)
Christian said…
MIZ ZOU! let's go to a game, Shelly! this is a definite goal for this fall!

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