April 13, 2011

two friends for the price of one...

i just got back from a long weekend in georgia with some of my favorite people. lindsey & fred have lived in macon for awhile and connie & adam moved there about eight months ago...so now i get a great two for one deal!

getting to see my friends and have time to hang out together is definitely the best part of trips like this. i love playing with their kids, i love opening one eye in the morning and seeing their cute little faces standing by my bed waiting for me to get up and i love staying up late and having good 'grown-up' conversation. the people were definitely the best part...but if i had to pick some other highlights i would have to mention that i also ate the most amazing caramel apples on the planet (seriously...there aren't words to describe their amazing-ness) and i took great joy in successfully conquering all thirty two levels of talking gina.

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