st. louie spring break...

March 19, 2012

ah spring break. a delightful week of amazing weather and some extra things things that made the week fun:

1. roommate

kim came with me to st. louis for a few days of relaxation. we hit up the casino buffet, stayed in a suite at the queen (thanks to my uncle mick and aunt linda), took the anheuser busch brewery tour, ate at fitz's on delmar and enjoyed the beautiful weather in downtown st. charles.

2. apples

i've mentioned these before. the caramel apples that dreams are made of. this is not a photo of them. i don't have a picture of our actual finished products because they were far from aesthetically pleasing. we're going to have to do some in the world do you keep the caramel from sliding off? thankfully, they taste amazing either way. like little bits of heaven.

3. redbirds
did you know you can tour busch stadium? i'm not sure how i lived without that knowledge for so long. it was pouring down rain most of the time, but cleared up just in time for a visit to the cardinal dugout.

4. madness

march madness that is. and it's been madness all around. i love a good cinderella story (most of the time) but my absolute favorite tradition is the highlighting of the brackets. it just doesn't get any better for my type-a self.

5. airport

my mom was in israel for ten days and i missed her a lot (this is an understatement). so i decided to make her welcome home extra special and surprise her at the airport. i was in st. louis the whole week and she had no idea. i had the perfect hiding place to jump out of with my sign. i'm so glad she's home!

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